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What Are The Benefits of Membership?

If you would like to serve and learn with a dedicated group of elected officials and public servants, please consider membership in the Ventura County Special District Association!

  • Networking and exchange of ideas
  • Opportunity to build relationships to assist during crises
  • Educational dinner meetings and guest speakers about topics pertinent to Special Districts
  • Being part of a local alliance for collaborations and partnerships with public, private and elected sectors
  • Participating in the review of legislation with the opportunity to promote beneficial bills and regulate potential threatening bills
  • Building relationships with decision-makers in the community and in Sacramento



This information is excerpted from established By Laws; formatting has been adapted for this website

Section 2.1.  Types of Membership: Regular District Membership; Associate Membership

Section 2.2. Qualifications for Membership

A.  Regular District Members: Any independent special district whose boundaries, in whole or in part, are within the County of Ventura, may become a regular district member of the VCSDA upon application and payment of annual VCSDA dues.  Independent special districts are as defined in California Government Code Seciton 56044, and as such this section may be amended or superceded.  A regular district member may attend, participate, vote, and shall be eligible to hold office in the VCSDA.

B.  Associate Members: Any dependent special district whose boundaries, in whole or in part, are within the County of Ventura, may become an Associate Member up application and payment of VCSDA dues. In addition, any person or organization that has evidenced interest in the purposes adn goals of the VCSDA, but are not a special district as defined above, may also become an Associate Member upon approval of membership and payment of VCSDA dues.

Section 2.3.  Application for Membership

A.  Application for membership in VCSDA shall be by application stating type of membership requested; name, address, telephone number, email or fax of the applicant; and, the name of the individual who will serve as representative and alternate for the applicant.

B.  Application must include payment of annual dues.

Section 2.4.  Loss of Membership

A.  Any member district owing payment of dues for a period of four (4) months after due date shall be notified in writing by the Treasurer of delinquent dues.  If such dues continue to be unpaid for an additional thiry (30) days, the member district shall automatically cease to be a member of the VCSDA.

B.  Member districts may withdraw membership from the VCSDA at any time.  A written request should be sent to the Administrative Office.  No refund of dues will be made.

Section 2.5.  Annual Dues

A.  All member districts shall pay annual dues.

B.  Annual dues shall be established following a recommendation from the Executive Committee at any regular meeting by a majority vote of a quorum of eligible member districts present and shall become effective July 1 of the following year.

C.  The annual dues shall be due and payable on or before the first day of July of each calendar year and shall be delinquent October of each calendar year.  Unpaid dues can result in loss of VCSDA membership, as provided by Section 2.4.A.  Membership dues for new members shall be pro-rated for the initial year only.