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Resource Conservation Districts

These special districts are empowered to assist landowners in controlling erosion, runoff, flooding and land damage. They are also responsible for protecting trees, roads, vegetation and creeks.

Ventura County Resource Conservation District

The Ventura County RCD is an independent legal subdivision of the State of California organized under Division 9 of the Public Resources Code. This District is a cooperative association of landowners engaged in carrying out all phases of conservation of soil and water resources as they principally relate to agricultural and watershed and wild land uses.

3380 Somis Rd., Somis, A 93066

(805) 386-4685


Fox Canyon Groundwater Management

The Fox Canyon Groundwater Management Agency was created to manage and preserve groundwater resources within the lands overlying the boundaries of the Fox Canyon aquifer.

800 South Victoria Ave, Ventura, CA 93003

(805) 654-2327