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Port and Harbor Districts

The Port of Hueneme/Oxnard Harbor District was established to develop, improve, operate and maintain the deep-water harbor at Port Hueneme. The Ventura Port District is responsible for the boat docks and facilities within the Citv of Ventura.


Port of Hueneme/Oxnard Harbor District

The Port of Hueneme is the only deep water harbor between Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay area and is the US Port of Entry for California's central coast region. It serves international businesses and ocean carriers from the Pacific Rim and Europe.

333 Ponoma St., Port Hueneme, CA 93041

(805) 488-3677

Website: :



Ventura Port District

The Ventura Port District, home to the Channel Islands National Park, provides a safe and navigable harbor and a seaside destination that benefits residents, visitors, fisherman, and boaters to enjoy Ventura Harbor’s exceptional facilities, events, and services.

1603 Anchors Way Drive, Ventura CA 93001

(805) 642-8538